We currently carry eight fragrances, along with unscented. From time to time we may offer a fragrance for a limited time, or discontinue a fragrance to add another to the line up. By keeping the number of choices to a minimum, we can offer a fresher product, and fragrances we know our customers will like; because if it doesn't sell well, we don't keep it. The fragrances are listed in order of popularity.

Vanilla Butter

Vanilla Butter is our most popular fragrance 14 years running. It is very mellow, not sweet or overpowering. The best choice for gift giving if you're unsure which fragrance to choose.

Pink Champagne
This fragrance was introduced in May of 2007. It shot to 2nd place in just a couple of months, and has stayed there. It's a little hard to describe...fruity, citrus...with just a hint of green floral. Mostly customers say it smells clean and fresh, or "pretty".

Cherry Almond
Cherry Almond was always number two until Pink Champagne took its place, but true Cherry Almond customers are loyal. This fragrance is reminiscent of the original Jergens Cherry Almond lotion from the 50's and 60's. Nice almond fragrance with a hint of black cherry...nice.

This fragrance was created by accident. Packing up after a show I was closing the tester lotion pumps, and accidently pumped Vanilla Butter lotion, and a Peppermint lotion I was offering for a limited time, on my hand. I was in a hurry so I just rubbed them together and continued packing up. I finally realized the wonderful scent I kept smelling was on my hands! Just wonderful...vanilla with a nice touch of peppermint essential oil, the perfect combination.

Orange Cream
A combination of our Vanilla Butter fragrance and pure orange essential oil. The mellow vanilla combines with the citrus for a fragrance that is sure to please. Some customers say the scent reminds them of a dreamsicle.

Citrus Spice
This fragrance says "fall" but many of my customers like it all year long. A nice orange and clove scent.

Toasted Coconut

Capturing the exotic Caribbean charm and laid-back attitude, you will fall in love with this scent. It is a deep rich coconut that will stay with you all day!

Juicy Pear
A sweet fragrance that will make your mouth water. It is a light scent that is not too overpowering but will stay with you all day!